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The FGM project is located on the border between the provinces of Nord and Boucle of Mouhoun in Burkina Faso and the Mopti province of Mali.


FGM is performed as a traditional practice on young girls, without any anesthesia or hygienic measures and it is a serious risk to their lives. Immediate complications that can arise are bleeding, tetanus, sepsis, sores or lesions on the tissues. The consequences in the medium and long term are added or developed infections, cysts, fistulas, complications in childbirth, depression, or anxiety.


BIBIR’s teams work to intervene in two areas:


-Reconstructive surgery for victims of FGM with serious issues


-Awareness and sensitivity campaigns to families to eradicate this practice


Awareness campaigns are presented directly in the villages of Burkina Faso and Mali where the practice is more common. The campaigns are shown during the first hours of the night when community members are home from work.

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