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2.1 In Africa, millions of children are orphaned due to high mortality rates on the continent, which is especially serious in regions of the Sahel fringe. In response to this problem, BIBIR promoted the construction of an orphanage, becoming a benchmark for the entire country.


The priority was established on babies and younger children, as they are the most vulnerable and with the least chances of survival.


Some of these children came from the CREN - Nutritional Rehabilitation Center to which children arrived in a serious state of malnutrition.


The caregivers played the role of adoption mothers for the little ones, providing them not only with food and care, but also with all the love they need.


So that the children did not lose contact with their family roots, they were periodically taken to their villages of origin to spend days or weeks with their extended family and playing with their cousins.


A strict medical and psychological monitoring was the best guarantee of his complete physical, emotional and mental development, which was completed with his educational training in local schools.

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