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3.1 Sanitation improvements



-Organizing a theater of the oppressed

-Implementation of family latrines

-Sanitation infrastructure construction

-Sanitation infrastructure rehabilitation

-Health and management training

3.2 Improvement of nutritional health of children 0-5 years old


-Management of malnourished mothers and their Center for Recovery and Nutritional Education (CREN)

-The support of infants while breastfeeding

-Management of moderate and severe malnutrition through outpatient care

-Raising awareness among mothers of children admitted to CREN in favor of good practices for children’s health

-Community awareness on good practices for maternal health

3.3 Reducing the impact of FGM and raising awareness about reconstructive surgery options


-Raise awareness in villages with informational videos about the risks and consequences of FGM

-Coordinate with the national health system to provide medical care and surgery for victims of FGM

-Identify FGM related cases

-Logistics and coverage of travel, coordination with the medical team, medical diagnostic and check-ups

-Funding for the technology required for reconstructive surgeries and hospitalization

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